Our CARE programme describes how we approach looking after and repairing our customer assets:

To save valuable time and resource, ATL receives components in a ‘ship dirty’ condition.  On receipt of your parts, we clean, NDT, inspect and report on their condition. You will then receive a comprehensive assessment report detailing exactly what is required to return your components to a serviceable status.  At this point you can decide to progress a repair or seek an alternative.

ATL can also undertake a higher level of component condition analysis through our in-house laboratory using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).  SEM delivers high-resolution imaging for evaluating materials for surface fractures, flaws, contaminants or corrosion.

Through SEM, our metallurgical experts can provide a thorough examination of material properties and provide valuable insights on the material condition.  This analysis can be a critical aspect to an investigation of a failed part, to determine component life, and to support new repair development and life extension repairs.

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